Thursday, June 4, 2009

Orpheus Island

Today we went to Orpheus Island. On Orpheus Island we went to the James Cook University research station. On the research station we went snorkeling and saw a giant clam. We also took transect tap and measured every meter for 20 meters. Every meter we looked to see what was there. For instance we would saw dead coral or giant coral.


  1. Alec,
    How big was the giant clam?
    Mrs. Jensen's mom

  2. GIANT CLAM!!! Swim Alec Swim, you can do it.

    The dogs miss you. Wish we were there.


  3. Alec, Did you see any coral like we have in the tank? The boys would love for you to go with them to the aquarium when you get back to tell them about the different corals. Heck, you can watch Finding Nemo and explain it to them!