Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ayers Rock

Last night we slept in a swag at the Ooraminna bush camp which is outside of Alice springs. We slept under a shed a in our swags. A swag is a canvas covering that you put a sleeping bag and a foam mattress inside. Our swag was really warm and Mrs. Mcguire admitted that she would rather camp than stay in a hotel. We even have that on camera. To go to the bush camp and to come home we had to take a four wheel drive bus because all the roads were closed and very muddy. After a 6 hour bus ride to Uluru we got to see an Aboriginal man show us the tools he used to use to hunt. We got to try to throw a spear and dot paint. Then we checked in to our hotel and i was a little scared when i saw a can of bug spray on the counter.


  1. Did you need to use the bug spray?


  2. Hello Alec, did you get to watch the sunrise at Ayers Rock? Love Always, Mom

  3. Hi Alec,
    Sleeping in the swag must have been different. I don't think I could have done it. Miss you,
    Love Auntie

  4. You made out with the bug spray! Erin and I went to a hotel at 10pm in FL, and we found people already in the room. How is the food? Getting much rest?

  5. Hi Alec, your trip sounds really awesome. We hope you have a good time and don´t forget about taking many pictures!!! Have a good one - Tom & Jana

  6. Hi Alec,

    I wish I was with you guys. I would be afraid of the bug spray too. If there are any mosquitos they come to bite me and never land on anyone else! Have a great time in the Outback. By the way, any Outback Steakhouses there?

    Mr. Besta

  7. Hi Alec,
    I am a technology resource teacher in Virginia. It sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure! I really want to know if you had to use the bug spray....and what kind of bugs it eliminates! The kangaroo autopsy sounds fascinating. We once saw a whale autopsy on the beach in NC. It had died from plastic bags filling up its stomach. Any idea what might have caused the eye injury to the kangaroo?

    I look forward to reading more about this adventure!